Januari 01, 2011

Friends - 1

Well, long time no see hey blog!

Let's cut to the chase, this time, I want to write things about my friends, my best friends, as gratitude and appreciations to them. I'm gonna mention some people in separated posts, because they deserve that many words and sentences, from me to them. If there's something that hurt or something, no offense and i offer my apologies. :)

For my friends, you know you're awesome. So here we go.
(all are written in English)

1. Ferina Debby Natasya Hutahaean

I met this girl when I first enrolled in university. Along with other guys, she is really one of a kind, probably. Not too fat, but not too thin, she has brown-to-black skin and long hair. Why am I describing her appearance? Gosh it's not important, let's just move on.

My first impression
She's scary and kind at the same time. When I first met her, I don't think that I can get along well with this girl (turns out wrong, of course). I remembered when me and some of my group-mates wrongly cut papers needed for making ridiculous nametags , and we got so freaked out! I even imagine she will stab me with scissors. But fortunately, it all turned out well. Thank God I didn't get stabbed in the eye, by scissors, or even pen.

Well, we simply spend lot of our time together (since we are in the same campus orientation group), along with other guys. Then, memorable one is when I worked together with her in Maker, as the fundraisers, actually fund-finders seem the better word to explain what we were doing that time. Truth is, I was kind of underestimated her skills of making money, and it turned out that I was wrong, again. Ferin was great and unmatched in making golds, selling doughnuts and pizzas, and incredible in, uh, 'asking' people to buy things from us. Simply awesome and I simply was helped a lot. Thanks fer, you rocks!
The one thing that is great from having friends is that they are there to hear you whining and blabbering about your problems, and yet they are happy to help you. Ferin is one of those kind of good friends, along with other five guys. She may be bored to hear me yapping, though. But I'm glad she can give out opinions and helps to me.

That's all goodie-goodie, but is there any baddie?
Bad things? Of course it existed here. You won't get good friend without making any mistakes and fights. Well, truth is, sometimes I get annoyed with her way of speaking to people. It was way too harsh and you know, hurt. Fortunately I managed to stay calm and keep my cool, until one day.
It was hectic day, too many to do, to little time. Classic. I was busy designing, then since its almost dark, I went to pray. Done praying, I came back to do my job, only to find that my laptop was being used for playing the awesome FIFA '11 by Ferin and Ilham, my other boy. As many people would do, I asked them kindly to stop so I can continue to work on my designs. Didn't work. Tried that again for the second and third time, still didn't work. So you know, they pissed me off. I was mad at them both, but turned out that Ferin thought that I was mad only at her, not at Ilham, which made her felt being treated unfairly, and thus get mad at me.
We spent days not talking to each other, small fights in Blackberry Groups, etc. It didn't feel comfortable at all, having your friend hating you like that, did it? So, I tried to be a good friend, and God's grace fell upon us, we've forgiven each other now. And it makes our relationship much closer, so I think.

Got any lessons?
Sure, I got many lessons. Most notably is that there is more than meets the eye. Meaning that there's more in a person than his/her outside appearances. Ferin has managed to open my eyes, that deep inside every person, no matter how they appears to be, they care and love about others. It is great, really great Fer, gracias.

2. Neshya Alexandra

Same like Ferin, she's also in my orientation group. Her appearance? Slim, not too bad in looks, and uh, full of acnes. Yes, acnes. Let's just move on before she gets mad and start pinching. :p

The first you saw her...
The first I saw her, I felt that she's just an ordinary girl, eat ordinary foods, and lives ordinary life. And of course it is totally wrong. She's obviously not ordinary, but extraordinary, in many ways of meaning.

Uh huh, then?
Things are going out great for both of us. We are part of the Maker, too, but she acted as the controller of foods and drinks. One thing that I was amazed of her is that she really calm when facing problems. Just like when things turn sour for us Maker team, as the food we ordered didn't come in exact number of portions and we only had few supply of rices left. Well, I thought that Neshya was gonna freak out like most girls I know, but I was wrong. She hardly panicked and screaming, instead she was awesomely calm and resolve the problem cool headed. (with others' helps, of course)
When it comes into sharing problems, she is just the same like me, like to tell stories, only with less complex problems than my life.

That's good one. There must be bad things, though.
Well, there is no major bad things that came from her, but what I considered annoying is when she canceled when she did say she will go. Just like what happened in the past few months before the 3rd semester began.
The days that time was so full of boring lectures and ridiculously stuffed tasks. So we decided to spend some days together in a holiday. Plans are made, and she said that she will join us, along with others. But the fact? Few days before the D-day, she said that she couldn't join us because of she wanted to spend her days with her long-time-no-see old friends. Couldn't blame her that time, since the holiday plan was not clearly fixed yet, so she might think that the holiday wouldn't happen at all.
Other than that, no big problems happened between us. Good for me and others, eh?

What can you learn then?
Things that I can learn from her is that you don't have to face problems with wet eyes and tears down, or by getting ridiculously mad because of the problems. You just smile and pray, then try to solve the problem, then give wider smile. That's totally awesome, Nes, big thanks.

3. Lupitta Adyaksari

When you talk about Lupi, you know she's an awesome woman. Know Jujitsu arts, slim body, and glasses, cool mix. She likes to wear unique apparels, which I often criticized. Sorry Lupi, hehehe. Well, let's see what I can say about her, shall we?

When you see her for the first time?
Lupitta really looks like my friend back in college. No offense, but she has man-like appearance, I was rude thinking her as a man. She is loud and cheerful, which really erase the impression of her being a man. :D

So, what's next?
Same as previous two, it all starts getting deeper in Maker. Lupi is this, skillful accountant, so she handled all those freaky accounting problems, something that I hate most. Enrolling in different course from me and others, she was pretty busy dealing with subjects and tasks. Then by the name of God and I thank God for it, she spends more of her time with us. Having Lupi as friend is fun and good. She is more woman than any other woman I know. She rarely mads, FYI.
Rarely shares any problems, she prefer to keep deal with problems by his own way. I have no problem with that, as every people has privacy. Though I want her to share more with me, or us, to be exact.

Hmm, have things go wrong?
She's loud, but no big deal. Sometimes it's annoying, though. Just imagine you are watching movie in cinema, and suddenly you heard loud screams and/or loud comments came from a girl? That must be annoying. But surely you don't wanna smack the girl, especially when she knows how to break your bones. Ouch.
Well, that's probably the minus part of her. I don't see any other things that can be considered, um, wrong coming from her.

You can learn...
Controlling your emotions. Seriously, she can make me feel calm when I get emotional. Its like, she has this 'force' that can't be seen yet can be felt. And yet, you can also spit all out when you're about to blow, not holding it inside. Thanks Lup, it rocks.

4. Indra Cahyadi

What you got when you have the brain and the muscle? You got Indra. He's totally big, both his body and brain. I can say that he's my teacher. Wow.

First time?
Well, I didn't really know him at the first time, since we're from different orientation group. But I did feel that the big guy has leader passion and load of patience. I was right for this one. Yay!

Congrats *prok prok*. So then what happened?
Maker rocks, things starting to get better for me and him. We spend a lot of time together, starting from the second semester. Monday rocks, right bud?
He is the guy that I often go with and play with. We're just like those college boys who just want to play everyday. It was fun, of course. You know what's rock from him? He is awesomely genius and very handy. When panic starts attacking students because tomorrow's exam, you know Indra's there for you. I know he doesn't like people who just want everything to instantly go in their favor, so I only asks for his help when I am in grave danger.
And same like Lupi, he rarely gets mad over small things. But he knows when to tell people he has problem with, something I don't know. For example, he told me that he hates the way I was too racist to Chinese people, when everyone is in good mood and it's long after I said the racism words. That way, nobody will get mad and they can accept the critics with beaming smile. :D

Ever had a fight with the big guy?
Nah, never happened. We always cool. We probably fights in games, but not in reality. But if there's one thing that I see wrong from him, its probably his skeptical view over things. I know you can get this straightly cool, so I'm gonna write it down. Indra often sees things from the negative side, that's why I wrote skeptical.
Other than that? Naah, nothing's big deal.

The thing you got?
Patience is virtue. These words are damn right. Indra has made it real, so my silly brain can consume it well and apply that to life. You have my gratitude for that, pal.

---to be continued---
(I'm tired of typing, folks. Heheh. :D)

Agustus 17, 2010

I'm Baaaack!

Just want to announce that this blog will be written soon enough by the author!

I'm gonna go back soon!

Agustus 25, 2009

Senyum Pengundang

Wew. lagi-lagi saya absen lama ngeblog. haha.

kenapa? karena gw lagi sibuk ama yang namanya OSPEK di sebuah universitas ternama indonesia, yaitu Universitas Indonesia. Disanalah nanti saya akan berkuliah menggapai cita dan asa setinggi langit, dengan bayaran yang tidak sedikit...

OSPEK itu adalah nama lain dari MOS (kalo di SMA gw namanya PTS). Cuma dengan intensitas kekerasan suara dan bass yang tinggi. Semua itu datang dari 'speaker' yang mempunyai julukan sebagai, KOMDIS. Apa itu KOMDIS? Itu adalah singkatan dari Komisi Disiplin alias Pengatur Tata Tertib alias Orang yang Hobi Teriak-teriak Nggak Jelas.

Nah, ospek fakultas gw, tidak lain adalah Fakultas Ekonomi, berlangsung tanggal 18-19 kemaren. Emang cuma 2 hari, tapi desingan bentakan dan ledakan teriakan para mas2 dan mbak2 Komdis masih terngiang-ngiang sampe sekarang.
Gimana nggak? Pagi2 jam setengah 7 gw udah dibentak disuruh jalan ke FE, nyampe disono barang2 gw dicek. Terus gw disuruh duduk manis rapi dengan kepala tegak ke depan alias nggak nunduk, yang kalo nggak gw lakuin bakal ada yang ngomong," SIAPA SURUH NUNDUK!?!?". Begitulah, akhirnya pagi itu kepala gw menolak untuk ditundukin. Yah pokoknya 2 hari itu kebanyakan diisi dengan himpunan teriakan-bentakan-sentakan dari para geng komdis. Wow.

Sebenernya ada satu kejadian unik dan menganehkan yang terjadi ke gw. Jadi gini, ceritanya gw ama anak-anak seangkatan lagi baris buat mobilisasi ke acara selanjutnya. Karena banyak orang, jadi gw musti geser-dempet-geser-ser biar dapet tempat baris. Tapi tiba-tiba ada oknum neriakin gw,

Oknum Yang Neriakin Gw (OYNG): "ANDRE!!! Ngapain lw senyum-senyum! Ada yang lucu, hah!?"
Gw:"... " (dalem ati: perasaan gw nga senyum deh!)

Acara baris berbaris pun berlanjut, dan entah kenapa sesuatu pada muka gw membuat gw nyaris diperkosa rame-rame sama geng komdis. Pas gw mau jalan, gw dicegat oleh 4 orang bertampang sangar, salah satunya si OYNG dan 1 cewek sadis.

KOMDIS 1:"HEH! Ngapain lw senyum-senyum! Lw merasa gw lucu!?"
OYNG:"Kalo nggak suka ama gw bilang aja! Gw layanin!"
Gw:(diem doang sambil ngeliatin muka-muka ajib mereka)
KOMDIS 2:"Lw kayak gitu lagi gw hajar lw ya! Awas lw!"
Gw:"Ya, ya, maaf.. Ya, ya.."

Buset dah! Orang nggak ada yang niat senyum gini kenapa gw dibilang senyum! Emang gw udah gila apa senyum-senyum terus? Sumpah gw pengen ketawa pas mereka bentak-bentakin gw. Orang nggak senyum kok dibilang senyum, uaneh. Sekalian aja entar orang nangis dibilang nggak nangis trus dikomenin,"Lw nangis-nangis!? Sok mellow lw nangis!?" atau "Nggak usah nangis lw! Gw hajar lw kalo nangis!"

Terus akhirnya mereka pergi dan gw mau jalan lagi nyusul temen-temen gw yang udah pada ngeloyor pergi. Tapi ternyata pemerkosaan belum berakhir, masih ada yang minta encore. Doh. Di depan gw berdiri orang jangkung, berkulit coklat menghitam yang berkilauan, berkacamata, dan yang paling mantap, jenggotnya meen. Rapi, licin, dan tebal, mencerminkan pria arab sejati (tapi dia bukan arab loh!). Kita panggil dia Komdis Jenggot.

Komdis Jenggot: "Liat mata gw."
Gw pun ngedongak trus ngeliatin matanya dia. Wow tajam banget matanya. Kayak elang! Pandangannya mengalihkan duniaku. Hoek. Iya bener mengalihkan, karena gw sangat pengen ketawa pas itu. Tapi karena kalo ketawa bakal ngebuat gw menderita lebih daripada pemerkosaan, mending gw tutup mulut aja.

Akhirnya selesai juga encore-nya. Pas udah gabung ama temen-temen gw, ternyata gw langsung diminta wawancara dadakan ama reporter panitia. Secara tidak langsung insiden 'senyuman pengundang komdis' gw udah jadi berita yang musti didapetin. Yaudah akhirnya gw diwawancara bla bla bla. Terus karena gw nggak mau mulut gw mengkhianati gw lagi dengan senyum-senyum sendiri (sial lw mulut), gw gigit aja tuh mulut tiap kali ngelewatin atau ketemu ama komdis. Semua demi keselamatan diri sendiri.

Abis pulang, gw mencoba ngecek apa yang salah ama mulut gw, ampe dibilang senyum-senyum ama si komdis. Dan gw menyadari bahwa mulut gw suka melebar dikit pas gw mingkem biasa, yang kalo diliat dari sudut tertentu (apalagi pas gw nunduk) mengindikasikan kalo gw emang lagi senyum. Weleh. Nyusahin emang. Padahal senyum itu ibadah...

Juli 16, 2009

One Night with a Latvian Girl

Saat ini, dunia internet sedang digemparkan dengan sebuah situs chat yang unik, yaitu OMEGLE.
Di omegle, kamu bisa ngobrol dengan berbagai orang dari seluruh dunia! Mengasyikkan bukan? (udah kayak iklan gw)

Di postingan gw kali ini, gw bakal cerita tentang obrolan gw di Omegle, dengan siapa? Dengan orang Latvia, Latvia lho! Namanya Ieva (kalo di-inggrisin jadinya Eva, nice name), umurnya 15 tahun, hobinya nggak tau. Anyway, silakan baca aja dulu!

Gw berperan sebagai You, dan Ieva sebagai Stranger.

Stranger: heey!
You: hey!
You: andre's here
Stranger: are you a female?
You: no im a male
Stranger: Where r u frm?
You: indonesia
You: you?
Stranger: Latvia.
You: wow latvia?
Stranger: yes... :D
You: age?
Stranger: 15, you?
You: 18
You: youre a girl?
Stranger: yes. ;)
You: u can speak latvian of course?
Stranger: yes, i can. :D
You: hey, teach me a word or two
Stranger: okay.. Ko tu velies zinat?
Stranger: :D
Stranger: it means- what do you want to know. ;)
You: ko tu velies zinat means what do you want to know
You: hmm
You: what are "youre beautiful" in latvian?
Stranger: Tu esi skaista.
Stranger: ;)
Stranger: What else?
You: tu esi skaista
You: hmm
You: haha
You: kinda difficult
Stranger: it isnt. :D
You: for you it isnt difficult, for me, yeah
Stranger: whats your official language? english?
You: no, its indonesian
Stranger: tell me something! D
You: ever heard of indonesia before?
You: okay well
Stranger: of cours.
You: kamu mau tahu apa?
Stranger: and it means?
Stranger: Whats your name?
You: what do u want to know
You: name's andre, nice knowing you
Stranger: My name is Ieva, in english its Eva. ;)
You: ieva, wow thats a.. nice name
Stranger: you cant normaly say it, right? :D
You: hahah right
You: ieva
You: is latvia a cold country?
Stranger: in winter its cold but in summer-hot. ;)
You: hot like.. microwave hot? hm?
Stranger: ~25 degrees.
Stranger: Celsium
You: thats really cold!
Stranger: Its hot! :D
You: well normally here is about 28-30 degrees
Stranger: in winter we have until ~-20
Stranger: wow.
You: whaat? minus 20???
Stranger: yes :D
You: im sure i wont survive there
You: hahah
Stranger: its not that hard.
Stranger: btw, do you live in Jakarta?
You: no, i live in bogor, its just a few kilometres from jakarta
Stranger: i see..
Stranger: What kind of music do you like?
You: rock, i guess,
You: what about you?
Stranger: i like rock too. ;) your favourite bands and artists?
You: my favorite band is green day
You: you know it right? and also i like metal genre
Stranger: i know green day, i like them too, i also like placebo, muse, mew,the kooks.
You: wow, you sure know a lot
You: tell me, is living in latvia great?
You: ieva?


Wedew. Padahal lagi asyik-asyiknya tuh. Gw bakal merindukan Ieva nih..

p.s: hati2 kalo pake omegle, banyak sex addict

Juli 10, 2009

Kembali Lagi Bersama... Andre!


Udah berapa lama ya nga ngeblog lagi sejak lulus IC?
Lulus? Iya gw lulus! Horee!

Yak, akhirnya karena gw bosen banget liburan menunggu kuliah yang masih Agustus nanti, gw memutuskan buat kembali mengisi blog yang telah ditelantarkan ini, dengan berbagai kekonyolan yang akan membuat anda kesal.


April 29, 2009

Kisah Saya Bersama Wanita - part 2

Setahun setelah putus dengan D, gue kembali terlibat dengan yang namanya percintaan. Yap, gue naik kelas ke kelas 3, which is good, karena hidup sebagai pelajar di kota Bogor amat sangat susah. But hell, gue dapet pengalaman berharga banyak di kota ini, salah satunya ya kisah-kisah gue sama cewek ini. Em, peringatan sementara, kalau ada tulisan gue yang ngeselin, terima aja ya, gue nulis apa adanya kok. Maafkan saya kalau membuat anda tersinggung.

Here we go.

Wanita 2, Inisial: N

Kejadian: SMP kelas 3

Di tahun ketiga gue sebagai siswa SMP yang masih demen Radja dan PeterPan dikombinasikan dengan Simple Plan dan Maroon 5, gue punya sohib, inisialnya W. Si W ini cukup ganteng, gaul, dan kulitnya sawo mateng deh (oke, now I sounds like gay), kebalikan ama gue, yang ceking, nggak gaul, dan berkulit putih pucet kayak vampir. Pertemanan kami pun berlanjut ke jenjang dimana kami yang masih labil dan bernapsu tinggi, mencari cewek buat dijadiin pacar. Tapi ternyata, si W udah dapet duluan si pujaan hatinya. Dia pun ngasih tau gue siapa gebetannya, dan perlu gue akui, he chose a good one. Siapa pilihannya? Ya, namanya N.

Sayangnya, W kurang berani buat bikin gerakan berarti buat PDKT. Dia pun hanya bisa diam mengulum bibirnya sambil gemeteran ngeliatin itu cewek. Sesekali dia joget-joget kalau liat tuh cewek lewat. Gue, yang masih adem ayem, lama lama kesel juga W ga kunjung beraksi. Dan hal ini berujung pada gue, yang notabene sohiban ama W, dengan brengseknya nantangin W buat ngedapetin N. Pas ngelakuin itu, gue ga merasa bersalah atau apa loh, emang sialan bener gue sebagai temen ya? Yang setuju angkat kaki!

Singkat cerita, gue malah PDKT ama N. Gue pun niatin nembak, tapi gue sempet ketahan pas ngeliat W, teman gue itu. Tapi karena dia gak protes gak apa pas gue deketin si N, jadinya otak anak SMP gue berpikir kalo dia santai2 aja ama gue. Dimana itu salah besar kawan-kawan.

Hari itu gue sedang les. Berbekal nekat dan sedikit bodoh, gue pun nembak si N... lewat telepon, berkat prakarsa temen les gue yang dengan cueknya mencet nomer si N pas guru lagi NGAJAR. Ya benar, si guru ini pun dicuekin anak sekelas yang tertarik dengan proses penembakan yang dilakukan via Nokia 3530, yang dilakukan oleh orang culun macam gue. Merasa dikacangin, si guru pun ikut nimbrung dan rame-rame nonton gue nembak. Shit. Bukannya nyuruh merhatiin pelajaran, malah ikut nimbrung ini guru sialan. Dan jder! Sambil gemeteran dan cengengesan tolol, gue pun mengatakan cinta kepada N. Tapi eh tapi, si N ternyata gak mau ngejawab saat itu juga. Gue pun cuma bisa ho oh. *penonton pun kecewa *penonton pulang nonton sinetron

Pas gue nembak, si W, yang sekelas les ama gue, cuma diem aja sambil cengar cengir. I really didnt realize that he's being hurt that time. Really sorry, pal.

Kurang lebih dua hari setelah penembakan dadakan itu, telepon rumah gue berbunyi. Karena gue masih sholat, telepon itu gak ada yang ngangkat, dan mati, gak bunyi lagi. Gue pun ga peduli ama telepon dan milih baca doraemon. Keesokan harinya di waktu yang sama, telepon kembali berdering, dan kali ini gue angkat. Ternyata yang nelpon adalah si N. Glup, gue gak siap kalo diajak ngomong tiba-tiba gini. Gue angsung ambil posisi sepewe-pewenya. Gue pun langsung berpose nice guy, sampai akhirnya gue sadar kalo dia ngomong lewat telepon.

N pun ngomong tentang penembakan kemaren. Dia ga mau bilang langsung terima soalnya tanggalnya ga bagus (so what?). Gue, yang panik sekaligus seneng, cuma bisa cengar cengir sambil ngeiyain apa yang dia omongin. Dan akhirnya? Gue diterima!!! Layaknya anak kecil dikasih lolipop dan balon (kalo sekarang mungkin balon udah ganti jadi BB), gue jingkrak-jingkrak kesenengan dan nari balet. Ayahku yang baik pun hanya bisa mengelus dada melihat kelakuan anak sulungnya ini.

Hari-hari pun berlalu. 3 bulan lewat sudah. Dan gue pun kembali putus. Oke, ini memang antiklimaks. Tapi kan yang penting hikmah yang bisa diambil. Kenapa gue putus? Karena ternyata gue orangnya sangat cuek bebek, oke bukan bebek, cuek gorila alias cuek abis. Si N ga mau digituin dan akhirnya memutuskan gue. Doong! Selesailah sudah. Sekedar tambahan untuk ngegambarin betapa begonya gue, abis diputusin gue malah dengan gobloknya nanya, "Cariin cewek buat gue dong?" ke N.


Sangat TOLOL.

So guys, pelajaran yang bisa diambil:

1. Do not ever cross your friend. It is always bros before hos, not hos before bros. Karma does exist.

2. Jangan cuekin pacar kalian. Karena itu rasanya gak enak banget memang. Kalau dia yang cuek? Jangan cuekin balik. Enggak bagus.

3. Berpikirlah sebelum berkata-kata. Trust me, it helps. Jangan ngomong dulu mikir belakangan.

Well, see you in part 3!